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ZRII is a fusion couture fashion label designed by Rakhee Thakorlal which combines classic elegance with soft sensuality. ZRII specialises in designing and producing couture fashions pieces for men, women and children. Rakhee believes that clothing for today's woman needs to be fashionable yet simplistic, intelligent yet stylish, individualistic yet value for money. Rakhee's design philosophy strives to bring out the best in each woman through designs that are both traditional and contemporary.

The ZRII product range of Indian and Indo-Western wear includes a large variety and assortment of fabrics, drapes, silhouettes, embroideries and colours to choose from. Rakhee's ensembles are textured, beautifully embroidered in innovative embroidery techniques or simply minimalist both in woven and knits. For bridal wear Rakhee creates exquisite and delicately handcrafted masterpieces. Rakhee aims to create classic and timeless clothing that can be passed on through generations. The ZRII womenswear range consists of tunics, blouses, jackets, dresses, skirts and trousers, which are all elegantly accessorised. The clothes have a defined cut, and portray a very contemporary look. Attention to detail and versatility are Rakhee's strength and dealing with individuals according to body types and personalities, creating wardrobes and trousseau in accordance to a person's lifestyle has always been her forte.

Her foray into menswear has given emergence to specially created ethnic groom-wear with exclusive fabrics. ZRII's menswear range is characterised by extreme simplicity, immaculate cuts and a perfect finish. Her intuitive and original sense of style, her panache and her originality combine with an impeccable garment construction ability to make stunning but elegant garments (this includes casual shirts and trousers).




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